Durgesh Group : India's Leading Export House for Cenosphere, Iron Ore, Microsilica and other Minerals

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Primary Contacts

  Primary Contacts  
  Durgesh Merchandise Pvt Ltd

Telephone: +91 33 2243 4306
  +91 33 2243 8434
FAX:   +91 33 2243 4405
  E-mail: info@durgeshgroup.com  

Our Products

  HEMATITE (S.G. 5.0)  

Iron-Oxide Weighting Agent

  Our HEMATITE POWDER is a high-quality weighting agent with a specific gravity of 5.0 or above. Owing to its high specific gravity, drilling fluids formulated with Iron Oxide agent have a lower solids content that frequently contributes to higher ROP compared with barite-weighted fluids. It may be substituted for, or blended with, barite in all types of drilling fluid systems. Iron Oxide agent is ground and processed to remove impurities before being classified to achieve the desired particle size distribution.  
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